Restricted access permissions on Model Libraries

This article provides steps on how you can create a new library (that uses an existing library as the prerequisite library) and restrict access permissions on the newly created library.

1. In your repository explorer, create a new Content Area.

New Content Area A.png
New Content Area B.png

2. Right click on the Content Area you created in the previous step and click on New Library.

New Library.png

3. Select the Advanced folder and select Blank Library.


4. Provide a name for the library in the Name field and click on the option Edit Properties & Create.


5. To make an already existing library the prerequisite library for this new library, select the Prerequisites tab. Add a layer and select the required prerequisite library by clicking on the ellipsis in the Library field.  


This way any changes made in the prerequisite library can be seen when you access the new library you created. 

Let's now look at how you can define the restricted access permissions.

6. Let's take an example as seen in the image below. "Main Area" is the Content Area that you want available to all users and "Private Area" is the Content Area that has the restricted access library.  


       a. At the highest level (Content Area named "Instructions"), remove the access                       permission for All Users.

       b. In the Content Area "Main Area" assign access permission to All Users.

       c. In the Content Area "Private Area" assign the restricted access permissions. Grant             permission only to the specific user group.

Note: For details on assigning permissions to users/user groups, see the Administration Guide.

Now you have two Content Areas and within those areas, two libraries. The library "Main Area Library" can be accessed by All Users. The Library "Private Area Library" has restricted access permission but will always load the contents of "Main Area Library".