Inserting an HTML frame into a Model

This article provides steps on how you can insert an HTML frame within a model so that you can create access to a third party application from within your published model.

1. Create a General Diagram and place a shape on it.

General Diagram.jpg

2. Insert an HTML frame in your shape by double clicking on the shape and selecting Insert Control.


3. Click on the ellipsis next to the Control field and select Html Frame from the list. 


4. You can resize the HTML frame to your requirement by editing the Height and Width in the Design Dimensions field. 

Frame Size.png

5. Add the URL for the HTML frame by clicking on the Options icon and then entering the URL of the application that will be accessed from the HTML frame you are creating. This URL can be provided in the URL field. 

Note:  If you want to add JIRA issue collectors, then you must use the following URL:       

 <JIRA URL including http or https>/rest/collection/1.0/template/form/<JIRA Issue Collector ID>?os_authType=none#

Save and check in the library. Once you publish the library, the third party application can be accessed via the General Diagram you created above.