Change Management

Revert to a previous library version

If you have been saving your library to the Modelpedia repository, you can revert back to a previously checked-in version of the library by following the instructions below. 

1. Navigate to Repository Explorer - Areas

2. Right click the library item to display the context menu, and click Properties


Result: The library's version and release history will be displayed.

3. To roll back to a previous version, right click on the selected library version to reinstate to display the context menu

4. Click Check Out as Latest Version

Result: The Library Check Out Wizard page 1 will display

5. Click the Next button to continue. The Library Check Out Wizard Page 2 displays to provide a progress update

    After the library has successfully checked out, Page 3 of the Check Out Wizard displays

6. Click Finish

Result: The library will reinstate the selected version as the latest version in the Repository.

Library Version Control

If you are saving your library to the Modelpedia repository, then every checked-in version is separately versioned and historically maintained. You can assign properties such as the release number and library status as part of the check-in process. 

1. In the Library Workspace, click on the File option in the Application Menu and click Save and Check In


2. The Library Check In Wizard Page 1 displays


3. Click the Check In Details button. The Library Check In Details window displays the optional Release number field

4. Enter the optional Release number and click OK

5. Click the Next button to continue and click Finish when check-in is complete

Result: The selected library will be saved and checked in with the assigned Release number

See what’s most popular

Using the Usage history feature available from the Modelpedia menu, you can quickly view a list of your most popular items and also the most popular items for everyone. 

My Most popular items

MY MOST POPULAR provides a list of items that you visited most and how many times that you visited


Everyone's most popular items

MOST POPULAR provides a list of the items that have the most visits from all the model users

View my Unseen Changes

Modelpedia allows you to quick view a list of all changes made that you have not yet seen. To view this list, follow the instructions below. 

1. In your published model, click on the Menu on the title bar, and click on the Changes button

Result: the light box of Changes will display

2. Select the scope you want to see, the Summary of current role or the Entire Model, and click the Right Arrow button

3. After pages loaded, click on MY UNSEEN CHANGES

4. Select the period of time to view the changes, 30, 60 or 90 days

Result: a list of the unseen changes will display in the whitebox

Change Management User Guide

The BMS supports a multi-staged Change Management Lifecycle where all changes to model content are systematically managed and migrated through discrete levels, or stages, of maturity as the items evolve over time.

To learn how to configure the BMS to support your Change Management Lifecyle, download the Change Management User Guide, available here. 

If you are using BMS 3.2.1, download the Change Management User Guide available here.

Introduction to Revision Markup

Holocentric Modeler provides the ability to track changes made to a model. For text, these changes can be visualised in the form of change bars and highlights. 

Leverging your business process diagrams, time and cost metrics may be incorporated and subsequently analyses to identify process constraints and inefficiencies, leading to the identification of candidate process improvement opportunities. 

To learn how to use Revision Markup, download the comprehensive user guide, available here