Provide the knowledge your people need, how they need it & when they need it. 

Traditional silo approaches like document repositories or portals can store and present information, but they can't manage it.

This results in highly redundant, unreliable, out-of-date, expensive-to-maintain information. Business people need to be able to access the relevant, current and complete knowledge in the form that is intuitive and in the context of their work – responsibilities and process.


The BMS is the only platform that uses a process modelling approach to capture and manage any organisational information or IP. One single, reliable system provides knowledge in the relevant format, at the right time and in the correct version.

Using the BMS:

  • Information is re-used, managed centrally and disseminated in role specific formats.
  • Relationships between people, process, documents and systems are captured, providing the right context for meaningful, timely, current and accurate information.
  • Governance and Compliance needs are "in-built" at a process, documentation and operational level.

The BMS is the only platform that captures and delivers knowledge in context of process, systems and people. It accurately represents the DNA of your business and allows you to operate more efficiently and productively.

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