Metadata Management For Health & Human Services

Improve Data Quality, Avoid duplicatioN, Improve Compliance & Reduce Data Redundancy Through the implementation of a State Wide MetaData RepoSiTory & Management System

The collection and management of information plays a vital role in enabling Australia’s health and human services departments to improve the health and well-being of all Australians. Large volumes of data must be collected to monitor performance, analyse trends and meet their state and federal reporting obligations. Sadly, incremental changes over time have resulted in overlapping and confusing reporting requirements and consequently inaccurate reporting.

To address this, Australian departments are now turning to Metadata Management as a means to simplify data reporting requirements and improve the quality of the data they collect, analyse and report to their stakeholders, ultimately leading to the delivery of better health outcomes.


Designed For Australian health & Human Services Departments 

Easy to use, reliable and standardised 

The Metadata Management solution has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Australian health and human services departments. It has inbuilt support for the international metadata registry standard (ISO/IEC 11179) and the national metadata standards for health, housing and community services statistics and information (METeOR). 

“Holocentric’s Metadata management solution is designed to provide a consistent and current view of information assets and their associated metadata. It standardises information systems, improves transparency and accessibility in the context of people, processes, compliance and technology.”
— Bruce Nixon - Holocentric CEO

Use Holocentric's Metadata Management soluton to:  

  • improve understanding
  • improve data governance
  • address inefficiencies in data collection and handling
  • reduce inaccuracies when reporting to internal, external and government stakeholders
  • support identification and discovery of information assets to facilitate access and reuse


PowerUl Features help you create a single source of truth

Powerful features enable you to develop and roll out the metadata repository across your department and the state's health and human services stakeholders. 

Publish your metadata repository to the web based portal so that it is accessible to all authorised stakeholders in an easy to use format. 

Advanced search capabilities allow users to quickly find specific items and use wild cards to find relevant content. There is also the option to subscribe to items and receive notifications whenever changes are made.

Use the comparison and impact analysis features to compare and contrast versions of data sets or state to federal requirements. Document data mapping, validation and transformation rules within the repository to improve understanding, consistency and data quality. 

Find out how Metadata Management can benefit youR Department

Please contact us to learn more about the Metadata Management solution, to discuss how it may help your department to improve data governance and simplification or to arrange an obligation free product demonstration.