What does not complying cost?

What does non-compliance cost?

Fix it or pay the price.

If you think being compliant is expensive, then you need to compare that to the cost of non-compliance. According to the School of Governance, the costs can range anywhere from $2.2 million to $39.2 million. Just ask Volkswagen, Boeing, Tiger Airways and those under review of the Royal Commissions.

Sydney Water Award - March 2019

Sydney Water and Holocentric are pleased to announce that the Australian Construction Awards have selected the Helix project based on Holocentric’s Modelpedia the winner for 2019 in the “Process Innovation of the Year” category. There were a large number of entries for this plus many very strong applications. They were shortlisted to just 10 providers and then Sydney Water were selected as the winner.

Digital Twin of an Organization - A Next Generation transformation solution

Holocentric CEO Bruce Nixon reflects on the new technologies that have arrived and our partnership with the University of Melbourne to deliver a true Digital Twin of an Organization.

The Next Generation of transformation solutions has arrived. New technologies and approaches can increase success rates, lower transformation costs and ensure sustained benefits.

Don’t begin your journey without knowing your starting point – Discover your current situation

Would you start a journey without knowing your destination? Most of us are familiar with the scene from Alice in Wonderland where Alice asked “Which road do I take?” to which the Cheshire Cat responded “Where do you want to go?” When Alice answered “I don’t know”, the cat advised “Then it doesn’t matter”.

Most transformation projects attempt to clarify the expected outcomes of an initiative, yet they do not necessarily have a good understanding of the current situation. Would you commence a journey without knowing where your starting point? How could you possibly know the correct path to the destination unless you know where you are now? There needs to be much greater clarity on what your current situation is to undertake an effective transformation.

Drive continuous improvement with a Digital Twin of an Organization

The new way of working uses intelligence from systems to predict the future. 

Imagine being able to simulate an event or process change. What if you could manipulate and measure performance indicators to determine the best way to achieve a better customer experience? Take control with a Digital Twin of your Organization and make efficiencies, support intelligent business decisions and inform strategy. 

Process Mining – unlock the potential of your business process data with Apromore

You may have an idea of what staff should be doing in your business, but what are they actually doing? Discovering how your business operations conform to what your operating model expects, can deliver some very real surprises and benefits.

Whether you have an existing model of your operation or not, process mining is valuable in process discovery, conformance checking, performance mining and process variant analysis.