NSQHS Conference - Developing a framework for continuous improvement

Measuring to meet NSQHS Standards

Holocentric Healthcare Sector Manager, Phillip Schiff, attended the Criterion Conference “Measuring to meet NSQHS Standard – Developing a framework for continuous improvement” in Melbourne last week.

Phil had an enjoyable experience, learning from industry experts how they currently approach and complete audits and what the focus areas are for the Healthcare future. For Phil, it was great to see the change in attitudes among clinicians, managers, administrators and consumers. It was clear that they are moving from a static compliance focus to really driving improvements through embedding standard process into their front-line operations.

For Phil, the key takeaway messages were:

  • Audits are an important focus for the healthcare industry

  • Communication/education of processes to the front-line is static and doesn’t support rapid change (relies on committee meetings), something the industry is aiming to change.

  • A need to strengthen collaboration and cooperation between Hospitals

  • Attitudes – compliance focus = pass; using to drive improvements = merit

    • Collective agreement that Accreditation should be ongoing (BAU) and not a rushed survey

    • If you don’t use your survey experience and feedback to drive improvement, then you’ll miss the opportunity

  • Sophisticated attitudes to the importance of managing process drive efficiency and that it also mitigates risks of adverse events

  • All were extremely passionate about ‘getting it right’ and ‘continuous improvement’

Accreditation is always a stressful and difficult time, however it's great to see the Healthcare industry being proactive in their approach, by embedding accreditation into BAU, so that they can focus more on driving continuous improvement.

So tell us, what is your hospitals approach to accreditation? Does your organisation still have a static audit attitude or is it one of the leaders looking to drive continuous improvement?