Introducing BMS 2.5

It's faster, more intuitive and more powerful... It's BMS 2.5

We've been busy working on great things here at Holocentric, and it brings us great joy to announce the launch of BMS 2.5, the latest release of the Holocentric Modeler and Modelpedia product suite. 

This release includes several exciting new features. These new features can be grouped into the following three themes: 

  1. New interactive Modelpedia usage history and change history
  2. Improved support for Business Transformation and ERP upgrade programs
  3. Improved usability to encourage active use by operational staff 

Interactive Modelpedia Usage and Change History

With BMS 2.5, users can quickly obtain a list of their most frequently viewed items as well as the most popular content among all users. BMS users can also see a list of any unseen changes, enabling them to stay up to date with relevant changes. 

Automated Business Requirements Documents: 

We've expanded our standard solutions meta-model to incorporate a business requirements layer that complements the existing system requirements item types. These changes will enhance the 'out of the box' offering and significantly reduce any configuration and tailoring desired by large scale Business Transformation programs. 

Improved usability to encourage active use:

New features have been incorporated to provide a more personal, enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

Role Views: Providing ease of access to relevant content is critical for operational users. This new role-based navigation view aggregates the relevant content for the assigned process roles or positions. 

Improved Readability: We've introduced a new website style that provides a larger font size and revised styling to improve readability. 

Rich Swimlane Notation: An improved swimlane notation is now available. Providing a richer diagram view, it visualises key information relevant to each process step. The notation incorporates visual cues highlighting any warnings, cautions and notes, enabling systems and supporting material the end user should be aware of. 

Learn more about what the new BMS 2.5 can do! Join us on the 23rd of April for our Product Launch, more details available here