Embracing Novelty

BPM: From Improvement to improvisation

Holocentric was proud to participate in the Gartner 2015 BPM Summit. The two-day event was very engaging and insightful. The summit focused on four clear themes:

1) How to build a solid BPM foundation to deliver dramatic results 
2) Leveraging peer insights to develop practical solutions to real-world challenges 
3) How to effectively lead organisational change and enable your organisation to change faster 
4) Harness digital technologies to uncover new growth opportunities

If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.

The core emphasis of this Gartner Summit was on people rather than technology. The Gartner keynote speakers discussed an evident shift from traditional value chains to business ecosystems of people, business and things. This digital business journey reflects business people, physical things and technologies as equal entities. 

Formula for success

Successful change programs are dynamic and continuous. When it comes to change programs, Holocentric implements the following formula: 

  1.  Recognising the need to change and gaining consensus among stakeholders 
  2. Agreeing what form the change should take
  3. Understanding what the organisation is changing from and what needs to change in detail
  4. Designing the new organisational way of working
  5. Testing and implementing changes 
  6. Bedding in the change so that the organisation cannot move back to how it was and achieves the intended benefits. 

Enterprise Architecture - Then & Now:
Gartner Presentation, "Enterprise Architecture 2025: From Enterprise to Ecosystem" Gartner BPM Summit, June 2015, Bruce Robertson

Change before you have to.

What is big change?

According to Gartner, 'Big Change' involves significantly altering ongoing business operations in a high-risk environment. Examples of 'Big Change' include: digital business, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory change, new business design and large scale business transformation.

The Holocentric approach to change

Holocentric believes that the difference between failure and success isn't technology but people. The benefits that your program delivers depends on your ability to inform and influence your personnel to embrace a new way of working.

A modelling and knowledge-based approach provides a clear and comprehensible view of change. Being able to understand the impact of change and how to align it with business needs to envision a clear "future state" perspective is crucial for success. 

Support your change program with a bms

The Holocentric BMS addresses the key challenges of complex change management. It captures and organises the DNA of your business while delivering knowledge to stakeholders to share, review, discuss and collaborate. Change can then be implemented while understanding the business impact to reduce risk and cost. The BMS provides your organisation with a baseline and operational framework for continuous improvement.

How can a bms help?

A Business Management System (BMS) enables your employees to view change more dynamically. The BMS reduces the overall project cost and associated risk, while providing certainty of achieving stronger user acceptance. The Holocentric BMS represents in one system the DNA of your business from project inception to day-to-day operations. Ultimately, the BMS enables organisations to minimise risk and sustain the benefits delivered by your transformation program. 

Holocentric at Gartner BPM 2015

It was great showcasing our latest product release and discussing the future direction of BPM tools with the summit attendees. We had a lot of fun engaging with delegates at the networking reception with an Australian themed booth and interactive games to mimic Luna Park - the BPM journey is a rollercoaster after all!