Fact, Fiction... Folklore? What is Your Organisation's Source of Truth? (Part 2)

So a few days ago, we presented the problem that occurs when folklore is relied upon rather than the truth, - (in case you missed it, you can catch up here). This may not pose an issue for organisations in the initial stage, however, if not addressed, it will culminate in a rather large and complex problem that will eat away valuable resources before your eyes: time and money.

Over time, the truth (facts) is often compromised as organisations focus  on responding to immediate customer demands while experiencing workforce turnover. Knowledge is inevitably left undocumented and transferred to new employees only via word of mouth.

The downward spiral continues for organisations as ever increasing amounts of energy is directed to fixing the symptoms, such as defects, errors, compliance breaches and safety incidents. The root cause, while simple becomes unclear, and so to, the solution.


The Solution

To identify the truth, organisations need to sift through barrels of documented and undocumented information and distinguish fact from fiction. This can take time and for large, highly regulated and complex organisations, can be a daunting task. 

Thankfully Holocentric’s Business Management System (BMS) can help you to capture and share your organisation's corporate knowledge, the DNA of your business. The BMS makes it easier and quicker to develop an organisation wide knowledge repository, and simplifies ongoing management and maintenance of this valuable information. 


A Single Repository where all Information is Stored, Accessible, and presented in relevant Context to all Employees


The BMS links all relevant business processes, staff roles and responsibilities, legislative and ethical requirements and technologies together in one single repository. It rationalises and standardises all information, providing a portal to present personalised and context specific views to end users that would make this information accessible to all.



End users would only be required to learn the functionality that is relevant to their role.

Focus only on what’s relevant to you and see YOUR organisation improve as a whole!


See the Results for Yourself!

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Find Your Truth

Fact or folklore? At Holocentric, we focus on the facts. We focus on helping organisations improve business performance by establishing their source of truth.

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