Holocentric, proud supporters of the PACE internship program

In today's highly competitive job market, it can be a real challenge for university graduates with no prior experience to find their first job. 

So at Holocentric, we are particularly passionate about giving students the opportunity to acquire real world experience before their graduate through industry based internship programs. 

The Macquarie University PACE Program

Our partnership with Macquarie University's PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) Program offers students the opportunity to work with us. The program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain real world experience and exposure in the professional work space.

We've found the PACE program to be a win-win experience for both the intern and Holocentric. 

At Holocentric, we are constantly seeking fresh and innovative ideas. Engaging university students through internships is a great way to introduce fresh ideas and perspectives into our organisation. 

For interns, working with Holocentric allows them to:

  • Build their confidence in the professional workplace
  •  Make valuable contributions
  • Develop their capabilities and build on skills

Marketing and Media graduate, Rosa-Clare Willis from Macquarie University, had a great experience during her time at Holocentric working as a marketing intern. Holocentric provided a supportive environment for Rosa to learn and work in a wide range of areas including: brand design, event management, and website management. Rosa later went on to become the marketing coordinator for Holocentric.


Fostering Today's Talent

Holocentric strongly believes in supporting today’s students and equipping them with the appropriate skills and knowledge that will allow them to make valuable contributions to the economy in the future.

We are committed to creating exciting opportunities that complement students' academic learning. We hope that the skills they learn with us will help them throughout their career.