Breakfast with Garth Holloway at PEX 2015

Process Excellence Conference 2015 (PEX)

Business performance is largely built on effective processes. Regardless of all procedures within organisations, the underlying objective is the same: improving business performance.

PEX is a great event that brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds all looking to improve process management. Continuous improvement along with data management, implementing new methodologies and developing better internal standards were key takings from this year’s event.


Guest Speaker: Garth Holloway

Holocentric was proud to host a VIP breakfast to 12 delegates. We would like to thank everyone who attended.

During our breakfast event, Holocentric was delighted to have Garth Holloway as our guest speaker for PEX 2015. With over 20 years’ experience in the business consulting industry, Garth has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various areas that relate to process management. He provided valuable insights into the importance of organisations prioritising the following two actions:


  • Establishing Accountability
    Being accountable for people, processes and tasks is no easy fete.  Those in executive roles in large organisations are often hesitant being accountable for certain tasks fearing they do not have enough contact and visibility with the projects and people involved. However at both a junior and executive level, accountability carries a level of authority that ensures all tasks are executed as planned. 
  • Process Ownership
    This looks at a more specific level of accountability, where individuals in organisations all take responsibility and ownership for certain processes and delivering tasks. It requires organisations to spend time analysing all processes and linking them to employees who are in suitable positions to take on ownership. 


Garth believes two techniques work effectively when establishing accountability and process ownership:



  • Responsible:  Who performs the work
  • Accountable:   Who is ultimately accountable for the work/decisions being made
  • Consulted:  Who must be consulted prior to making decisions/undertaking tasks
  • Informed:  Who must be contacted when a decisions is made or a task has been completed 


LRM (Linear Responsibilities Analysis model by Anthony Walker)

  • Provides a higher level of accountability that is beneficial for larger organisations
  • Senior managers ensure that responsibility and accountability cascades down within their areas of management
  • Incorporates general and direct oversights, recommendations, boundaries, maintenance and monitoring
  • This top down approach provides a robust framework to describe the accountabilities of management at all levels 


Contact: Garth Holloway is a senior business manager with deep expertise in the discipline of organisational effectiveness, business transformation, and change management founded on 20 years of experience working with blue chip companies and coaching executives and senior management teams. Visit his consultancy Sixfoot4 for more information.