Fact, Fiction...Folklore? What is Your Organisation's Source of Truth? (Part 1)

Organisations all have unique forms of folklore. Those beliefs, rules and stories that travel through the organisation. They are narrated countless times by employees from all ends of the corporate spectrum. The changing times and context in which the story is presented, automatically adds a dimension that departs from the original tale. Everyone explains it in their own fashion. Everyone adds their spin to it.

Variation, after all, keeps folklore alive.


The Problem

Change is inevitable, success isn't.

As information through storytelling circulates, it progressively becomes at risk of being redefined and ultimately, incorrect. This creates confusion which can lead to inconsistencies in operational output.


Stuart told me this, and the documents online said something similar but Barbra agreed with John so I sort of went with their opinion...


If an accurate knowledge repository of an organisation’s single source of truth is not established, employees will begin to rely on folklore. This is not acceptable for any organisation, especially if they operate in highly regulated environments and deal with sensitive information. Resorting to folklore would give rise to potential errors, breaches and inefficiencies. It creates unnecessary concerns and forces employees to work under uncertainty. This can be disruptive and cause employees to lose focus in delivering their core services to a specific standard.  


The Solution?

Watch this space!

Later on this week, we will be posting the simple solution that promises to uncover your organisation's source of truth (minus the folklore)!