Be a Change Leader in 2016

The New Year is the perfect time for us to think about improvement initiatives and ways to propel our businesses towards success. We’re so focused on meeting present demands that if unprepared, change causes us to stumble over unexpected challenges and external pressures. Being inevitable, it's fundamental that we are prepared to manage change effectively for continuous improvement and success.

Success in change management is determined by an organisation’s ability to lead it. To sustain performance and remain competitive, it’s crucial that organisations adapt quickly to minimise disruption. Laying the foundations required to foster and support change is essential, and what better time than the New Year to prepare your organisation for this?

Be proactive and start thinking:

  • How can I drive change to capitalise on opportunities for growth and improvement?

  • Are we prepared to manage change in a way which aligns with our vision and business objectives?

    And more importantly…

  • Is this being communicated, implemented and monitored across all levels of the organisation? Are the risks and impacts clearly defined and understood?

Organisations need to integrate change with all elements of the business while connecting strategy to execution to ensure that the delivery of outcomes resulting from each individual process is well-evidenced.

Remember, effective change management is not just about being armoured to act intelligently. Engaging employees and stakeholders and guiding change from inception, it’s about transforming the mentality that’s met with change so that it’s embraced by the entire organisation and welcomed as a precursor to growth.