From Organic to Organisational Knowledge

What’s the point of implementing the right infrastructure if we lack the means to operate it? With the way we perform our tasks coming naturally after having accumulated the necessary skills and experience over time, we forget the importance of organic knowledge which we rely on to work.

While we’re great at building on this, we fail to document and share this collectively as an organisation to create a single source of truth, allowing information to be passed on as the workforce evolves.  

How you capture and transform organic knowledge into organisational knowledge will have a direct impact on performance. Moreover, if it’s left in its native form, it can be forgotten, reinterpreted, and redefined to the point where is becomes inaccurate. With an aging workforce and new tools to perform tasks, we’re at risk of losing this valuable asset.

Capturing and Capitalising on Knowledge

At Holocentric, we begin each project by helping our clients capture existing knowledge. This includes all the information in the headspace of employees.  

This organic knowledge is then integrated with documented organisational knowledge such as operating procedures and policies, to provide a reliable repository for all organisational knowledge – which can then be maintained, controlled and accessed using the BMS. The BMS presents organisational knowledge in a clear and logical manner that is understood by all employees, forming the organisation’s single source of truth. 

While the BMS is used to represent the information of the entire enterprise, it also caters to the unique needs of each individual employee. Operations and productivity is enhanced as a result, with the organisation benefiting from improved business performance as a whole.

Start collaborating to create value by establishing a single source of truth. Harnessing organic knowledge should take precedence. It is, after all, the very first thing organisations rely on to operate. So why not nurture it and give it the best opportunity to thrive?

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