Process Ownership: Using Periodic Review

BMS 3.0 Feature Highlight

For effective process ownership, the performance of processes must be continually monitored and optimised to help deliver outcomes more efficiently. Changes must also be documented and justified by data to show that actions do not diverge from the overall strategy. As well as keeping up with the changes themselves, process owners must achieve stakeholder buy-in. Employees need to be engaged to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge, training and resources to understand how it will impact their work and the organisation as a whole.

Effective processes are the catalysts for business excellence. Effective process ownership helps maximise business outcomes, effectiveness and efficiency. In contrast, improper management of processes will lead to fragmentation, lack of directive and accountability and difficulty in identifying which processes best meet business needs.

An important part of managing processes then is the review and communication of processes for optimisation in an ever-changing business climate.

BMS 3.0, the latest version of our Business Management System, includes Periodic Review as a new feature to monitor processes. Utilising the BMS’ tasks, notifications and workflow capabilities, this feature helps you keep up with changing obligations, triggering automatic notifications to remind you to review and approve policies, procedures and processes to assure currency and compliance.

Paired with sophisticated Process Analysis capabilities, the BMS makes it easy to identify processes to prioritise, optimise or remove if they are no longer effective. Discussions and tools to generate training courses are also closely connected to processes to engage employees while achieving stakeholder buy-in.

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