Gartner Business Transformation and Process Management Summit

Holocentric sponsored the Gartner Business Transformation and Process Management Summit at the Hilton, Sydney.

It was well-attended with 280 delegates, and again, another engaging and insightful event, helping us better understand the future direction of enterprise software and technology.

We had some interesting conversations with conference attendees while showcasing the Business Management System and presenting capabilities to address business challenges and needs. During the networking event, we invited delegates to visit our booth to "learn about the building blocks of business excellence" with a game of giant Jenga to win power banks, branded Lindt bars and drink bottles.

The event covered 4 tracks including:

  • Process Rethink: Making the Leap to Business Transformation
  • Tackle Transformation: Reimagine Business Operations and Technology
  • Politics, People and Change: Soft Stuff Makes or Breaks Transformation
  • Applying Learning into Practical Approaches

Gartner discussed the importance of placing people and culture at the heart of business excellence and transformation, emphasising interconnectivity and the equal importance of organisational elements including people, strategy, processes, business intelligence and technology as drivers of success. Workplaces will change as organisations break down departmental silos and adopt an agile way of working (the concept of the bimodal approach), leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge.

Interestingly, Gartner envisions an evolution in operating models for organisations. Introducing the concept of a Business Operating System, Marc Kerremans showed that a new operating model encompassing enterprise business process analysis, performance monitoring and operational intelligence – linking to systems and technology – would be fundamental for success.

Sounding familiar?

This is exactly what we offer. We help organisations develop models which connect all organisational elements with business priorities and strategy clearly outlined and tied to execution. Our Business Management System helps you understand the connections, design evolutionary changes and optimise performance for continuous improvement.

With the BMS being at the forefront and the Business Operating System being so closely aligned to what we offer, it’ll be very interesting to see how this research from Gartner develops.

Embraced by leading organisations, the BMS is designed for the future and engineered for business excellence.

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