Take on the big boys! What it takes to compete against larger international players

Our CEO, Bruce Nixon, has written a piece that's been featured in Australian Anthill Magazine, showing what it takes to compete against larger international players. 

It can be daunting when you’re competing against much larger international businesses that seem to have endless resources, a team the size of a small country and enough marketing dollars to dazzle your customers.

However, customers aren’t dim, they know in today’s market all that glitters is not gold, and are looking out for not necessarily for the biggest name, but the best solution to meet their needs. There’s plenty of opportunity for local, nimble organisations to grab market share, if they’re savvy enough.

While you can’t always compete on price, there are a number of other factors that can give you a competitive advantage as they tend to be the weaker areas for large players.

Here are some of the elements I have focused on to compete against the large international tech companies that make up a large portion of my competitors...

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