Process Excellence Week Australia 2016

Holocentric hosted the VIP Breakfast at the PEX event at the Swissotel, Sydney.

Special thanks to Andrew Clarke, Principal at Business Aspect, who spoke at the VIP Breakfast, presenting the Airservices Australia journey. Showcasing his approach in implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) using Holocentric's BMS, including how to gain senior management buy-in, Andrew discussed key success factors and tangible benefits derived from usage.

This year’s event focused on two streams:

  • Achieving customer centricity
  • Driving cultural change and building continuous improvement

What did we learn?

Ironically, in today’s technologically-advanced world, we’re still quite “techno-retro” when it comes to business. Burdened with redundant processes and inefficiencies, which compound risk and complexity, we’re still restricted by siloed departmental thinking with inconsistencies in understanding, planning and execution – all puncturing our ability to deliver. We need to evolve our way of thinking to release our businesses from an arrest by legacy systems.

So where do we start?

Nina Muhleisen, Head of World Class Delivery Model at ANZ, spoke about streamlining for consistency in the implementation of best practices. To deliver world class results, you need supportive world class leaders who foster enterprise-wide engagement. Once you’ve connected people, processes, strategy and technology to drive process and operational excellence, you can then look beyond your organisation to become best in business.

An evolving model which provides a deep understanding of your business is essential for success and it will become, if we borrow the words of Jane Austen, “a truth universally acknowledged, that those aspiring to become best in business, will be in need of Holocentric’s BMS”.

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