How to Survive in a Disruptive Industry

Our CEO, Bruce Nixon, spoke to Australian Anthill about how businesses can survive in a Disruption Industry.


Organisations are grappling with greater levels of disruption across multiple industry sectors than ever seen before.

"Burying your head in the sand at the onslaught of constant disruption can have dire consequences on your organisation. It’s time to get real and embrace disruption, because it’s here to stay."

But it’s not as gloomy as you might think. In fact, your organisation could even benefit from disruption if you use the push as motivation for change.

We all admire the great disrupters. Tech startups like Uber, Airb&b and Amazon have revolutionised the way consumers consume. But we can’t shy away from the fact that these industry revolutionaries have also caused the financial collapse of entire businesses trying to compete in these respective industries.

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