BMS 3.2.0 Now Released

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Our team at Holocentric is excited to announce the new release of our long-awaited BMS 3.2.0. The new BMS 3.2.0 release has introduced various new features that will help organisations be more efficient and productive. These include a redesign of the authentication for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users allowing clients to seamlessly authenticate users within their organisation using Azure AD in BMS.

In this release, Holocentric has worked hard to ensure these 3 main benefits for all users:

1. More Seamless User Experience

A more seamless user experience is an essential priority for our team at Holocentric. Therefore, in this release, we’ve focused on helping Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users in our multi-tenant server achieve a more seamless experience using the Holocentric BMS by negating the need for multiple credentials when logging in. The BMS 3.2.0 will allow clients who are hosted in our multi-tenant server to be able to authenticate to Holocentric BMS using just their Azure AD credentials, increasing ease and efficiency for our users.

Increasing ease and efficiency for our users is not the only priority for Holocentric. Security is also a top priority for us and in the new release, we’ve added an extra layer of security with the incorporation of Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (Azure MFA) to Holocentric BMS. In this release clients who use Azure MFA within their organisation to be able to also effortlessly use this feature In Holocentric BMS.

2. Reduce Administrative Overheads

At Holocentric, we understand the need for organisations to be more efficient and productive as their organisation grows and we’ve made sure to address this with our new release. We’ve introduced Just-In-Time (JIT) provisioning of Azure AD users so rather than having to add individual users into the BMS repository each time, the new release will allow new BMS users to automatically be added into the repository when they log in for the first time using their Azure AD credentials.

This new release will provide seamless integration with Azure AD, where it extends to retrieving modified user information from Azure Active Directory. Users who are disabled in the Active Directory will automatically be denied access to the Holocentric BMS increasing ease and efficiency for administrative staff, and as a result, an increase in productivity.

3. Enhance User Ability

Holocentric is committed to ensuring users of the BMS will have a great user experience across all aspects of our software. The BMS 3.2.0 release has enhanced the user experience for the RACI Matrix, a table that illustrates the different roles within a process in the organisation. The RACI Matrix is an important tool for organisations to delegate and manage roles and processes and this improved user experience will ensure a greater efficiency to the organisation.

Example of RACI Matrix within the BMS

Example of RACI Matrix within the BMS

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