Year in Review 2017 - Message from the CEO

Year in review.png

2017 is about to finish and we are celebrating a great year of growth in the company. More importantly, we have seen our customers achieve a variety of excellent outcomes and so much more with our products. These range from strategy and benefits realisation to process improvement, systems implementation, transformation, knowledge management, metadata management and governance. Compliance and regulation are two aspects of governance that are often top of mind for senior executives, so are the focus of our newsletter this month.

Large, complex organisations are realising the need for management knowledge through a single source, to align strategy to execution and to be able to implement change and transformation more quickly and more often. At Holocentric, we call this a Business Management System (BMS). It has been very encouraging to hear from Gartner over the last 12 months of the need for a Business Operating System, which is very similar in concept to our BMS.

Many of you would not be aware of the investment we have made over the last 12-18 months of additional product capability that we will release to market in mid-2018. We are very excited about this new capability and have been delighted with the very positive response from our Customer Advisory Board earlier this month. Your experience and feedback is critical to our success and we appreciate your thoughts and suggestions for product capability that will deliver more value to you.

We have always believed in having a product that provides a continuing and increasing return on investment. Hence, we have the ability to extend the metamodel to meet future, perhaps currently unknown, requirements. We will continue with these principles with the new product line that will provide a much stronger link between strategy and execution, and will assist organisations to be far more agile by managing change initiatives that are likely to be even more demanding and more frequent than anything we have experienced to-date.

I won’t let the cat out of the bag entirely regarding the new products but we will advise over the coming months and will provide opportunities for you to preview the products.

I would like to thank all our wonderful customers and business partners for your ongoing support and for helping us to mould even greater product capability for the future.

Finally, I’d like to thank the wonderful Holocentric team for delivering a fantastic year and setting us up for an even more exciting 2018.

Bruce Nixon
Director & CEO