Drive continuous improvement with a Digital Twin of an Organization


The new way of working uses intelligence from systems to predict the future. 

Imagine being able to simulate an event or process change. What if you could manipulate and measure performance indicators to determine the best way to achieve a better customer experience? Take control with a Digital Twin of your Organization and make efficiencies, support intelligent business decisions and inform strategy. 

Marc Kerremans, Gartner Senior Analyst defines the ‘Digital Twin of an Organization’ as:

“A DTO is an outside-in view of your internal operations, a dynamic software model of your organization that uses operational data, models the business and the customer journey, responds to change and creates a digital picture of your people, processes and technology” Market Guide to Technologies for a DTO, July 2018.

A ‘Digital Twin’ is a virtualization of your business, it digitally mirrors your business and how it operates in the physical world. It remains in sync with its physical twin to ensure it delivers a true and accurate reflection. 

Taking the decision to implement a DTO can be a big step.Our suggested method involves three steps:


Holocentric is named as a representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO. We can give you an inside-out view of your organisation and model your digital and actual processes. We are experts in a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO). Our software solution builds models of how work is performed, simulates changes and provides real insights for better decision making. 

The intelligence and insights are sure to revolutionize the way you view your business operations.

EXPLORE the use case scenarios to see how a DTO can make digital transformation a reality.