Holocentric Launches Centro FREE™ – A Free Online Resource for NDIS Service Providers

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As the NDIS continues to gather momentum, many disability service providers are feeling the effects of significant change. Holocentric’s research at the recent NSW National Disability Service (NDS) Conference showed that 76% of NDIS service providers were highly concerned about achieving a clearer understanding of NDIS policies and changes as well as streamlining the approach to NDIS compliance.

We asked the question of attendees at the conference - “My organisation is looking to improve productivity by …” and the results showed: 

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In addition, a recent survey by National Disability Services showed most providers are seeing opportunities for growth but are challenged by the need to improve productivity and meet the compliance obligations of the NDIS.

Bruce Nixon, CEO said “While we were investigating the NDIS situation we gathered some amazing information and decided to put our Modelpedia tool to work.  We mapped and created a visual view of the vast amount of documents and spreadsheets online and realised it was very valuable to the NDIS community, so we are sharing it with them”.

According to Bruce, most service providers are still confused about pricing rules and certification requirements of employees.  He feels strongly that service providers should be caring for those that need their services and not spending time in admin bureaucracy looking for documentation. 

Holocentric has a long-term engagement with the NDIS and has seen firsthand the challenges disability service providers’ face, like finding and accessing the necessary information, documents and data in order to be compliant under the NDIS. Hours can be spent trawling different websites locating information relating to areas like professional certification requirements and pricing rules. It’s not an easy task, but it can be. 

This is what led to the creation of Centro.

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With Centro FREE™ Holocentric wants to make it easier for organisations to be effective and help the scheme to deliver on its original promise.

Centro FREE™ is a free centralised online library that organises the information required by service providers in an intuitive manner so users can quickly and easily locate information like pricing rules, staff certification requirements and also spot opportunities for growth.

Learn more and sign up to Centro FREE™ at holocentric.com/centro