Holocentric added as trusted software provider for Government Agencies

Holocentric DTA panel

Procuring software within Government agencies just became easier for Holocentric customers. The panel of off the shelf (COTS) software includes us as a preferred supplier.

The Digital Transformation Agency is the body that approves software providers and on Tuesday 26th March released the full list of 100 suppliers. The new category provides “a platform for government to buy a broad offering of COTS software and associated services” according to IT News.

Government buyers from across all agencies will be able to access the panel online and buy through this streamlined procurement process.

In the past, the process involved a tender being written and a long assessment cycle, which was time-consuming for both the software company and the agencies.

“Holocentric is pleased to be part of this great DTA service that makes procurement easy. All Government agencies can now efficiently procure our innovative technologies and services” says Dwight Don, Chief Customer Officer.

Congratulations to our Canberra team who completed the application and have successfully added us to the Software Licensing and Services Panel.

DTA aus tender licensing panel