Gartner Peer Review

Every year Gartner rigorously vets vendors and speaks to enterprise users across the globe. They produce a report based on these peer reviews and insights. As the world’s leading research and advisory company, they pride themselves on having no vendor bias and no hidden agendas. 

Our customers were invited to complete a survey and questionnaire about their use of our BMS (Business Management System). Areas considered in the ranking were: (Sample question for illustration purposes)

  • Lessons Learned - What one piece of advice would you give other prospective customers

  • Evaluation and Contracting - Why did you purchase this product or service?

  • Integration and Deployment - What was your implementation strategy?

  • Service and Support - Overall rating of service and support

  • Product Capabilities, Additional Context - How extensively is this product being used in your organization?

The result shows us well positioned as scoring a high 4.8/5.0. The category is Enterprise Business Process Analysis.  22 Vendors were identified and ranked. If you are a Gartner customer you will be able to buy the entire report.


What is EBPA?

According to Gartner - Enterprise business process analysis (EBPA) is the discipline of business and process modeling aimed at transforming and improving business performance with an emphasis on cross-viewpoint, cross-function analysis, and strategic and operational decision support. EBPA tools are of interest to business architects, enterprise architects, process architects, process analysts and process owners looking to understand and improve their process-related outcomes. Unlike more-traditional BPA tools, EBPA tools support the professional modeling community (process architects and process analysts) and the rank-and-file workforce, as part of the move toward democratization of process improvement, and knowledge discovery and dissemination. Furthermore, it extends its reach toward supporting the business in trying to crack the “strategy to execution” dilemma. EBPA is the practical implementation of “BPA for the masses” and “BPA for the business.”