Digitising one of Australia’s largest transportation providers

Mobile enterprise applications have changed the way we connect and work. Now, we’re working from home, closely with a client onsite or expanding our geographic footprint by venturing out to seek new business opportunities.

The adoption of mobile has not only benefited those traditionally tied to desks, but also ‘Deskless Workers’ performing physical or deskless work daily, making up 80% of the world’s workforce*. Technology has enhanced productivity by digitising manual and document-based processes. Shaping a new and growing mobile workforce, enterprise mobility is now not only beneficial but core to operations, essential in driving productivity and delivering business outcomes.

The Business Management System has guided numerous organisations towards business excellence. Currently, we are working closely with a major Australian transportation provider, implementing a BMS to help transform their business into a mobile enterprise.

The digitisation of this largely traditional organisation has made it easier to cater to over 10,000 employees. Business content is now scalable and has been set up for quick and easy distribution. This is crucial as it will be accessed by a multitude of users ranging from managers and employees to contractors, consultants and auditors. Being device-agnostic, the BMS is a single source of truth providing employees with policies, processes, standards, procedures and supporting documentation to improve the way they work.

Connecting personnel with content, the BMS helps employees find the right information and procedures to immediately address incidents while working away from the station office. This is a significant improvement from the traditional method which involved searching through hundreds of pages of manuals in order to find the correct process or procedure. With direct access, employees can now act in a timely and accurate manner to minimise service disruptions while maintaining employee and passenger safety. 

Built for continuous improvement, the BMS will support this major Australian transportation provider, uniting the workforce in building a stronger network to service its passengers. 

*GP Bullhound Technology Predictions, Jan 2016