Getting the onboarding process right

A bad hire can cost the organisation approximately two and a half times their salary. If you’re introducing a new employee into your company, it’s important to get the onboarding process right - so you can retain talent through quick integration in the company culture and also have your new employee working effectively as early as possible.

Make it easy

A portal that’s user-friendly and easily accessible can help speed up the induction process. With links that are automatically-generated, connecting to training material, company mission, values and vision, discussions, processes and task lists, training managers can save time while new employees can familiarise themselves with the organisation more quickly.

Personalise it

Dashboards which are customised based on specific roles and individuals make new employees feel welcome. It also helps them keep track of training, tasks and responsibilities while managers can plug in to track progression and performance.

Keep it consistent

Induction material and messaging needs to be streamlined for consistency so employees have a common understanding of the company’s vision and values.

Digitise the experience

Digitising training makes it easy to work around busy schedules to undertake training. New employees can access training courses and content offsite, from anywhere and at any time.

How can the BMS help?

Training managers

Training managers can generate, structure and update training courses by using the BMS to generate Training Suites, Training Courses and Training Modules. Being connected to processes, material is kept consistent while processes and supporting material can be easily updated or re-used to populate documentation for training purposes.

Speed up the induction process using RACI charts which can be automatically generated for process areas, enabling the organisation to quickly understand who is responsible or involved in each process step.

New employees

Engage with your colleagues and managers using Discussions to ask questions or voice concerns and improvement initiatives. Stay on track by using Favourites, Watch Lists and Task Lists.

Learn anywhere you want, logging in through Single Sign-on or SaaS for quick accessibility to documentation and training material. 

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