BMS Feature Highlight

BMS Feature Highlight: Using Change Management

Change management is fundamental in achieving successful business transformation, and successful change management can deliver organisational cultural change and establish a better team working environment. To achieve this, a sound change management framework should be adopted to ensure that all changes to content are properly assessed, approved and implemented in a controlled and systematic manner.

Enabling Process Improvement with the BMS

Want to improve customer service and retention, reduce costs or enhance productivity? Understand your organisation's processes, analyse them for improvement opportunities and embed change.

This is easier said than done but the BMS has two distinct features, Path Analysis and Process Compare, to make it simple.

Path analysis

Studying all the possible paths of a complex business process while combining risk and value metrics at each step is easy using Path Analysis. Using parameters such as lag time, volume and cost, the BMS generates reports that identify where opportunities exist for reducing costs or improving service. Augmenting this analysis with associated relationships to work instructions, policies and regulations, a holistic view is maintained over proposed improvements.

Path Analysis: highlighting process paths

Path Analysis: highlighting process paths

Process compare

Ensuring consistency in the processes and services provided by geographically-diverse teams or siloed departments is a challenge. Process Compare is handy for identifying variation in process across the enterprise to standardise outcomes and ensure best practice. The result is a consistent customer experience, optimised productive processes and removal of any activity that doesn't add value.

Process Compare: highlighting variances

Process Compare: highlighting variances

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