NSW Transport management CENTRE

The NSW Transport Management Centre (TMC) is a small but complex organisation that brings together all aspects of NSW's vast transport networks. This includes management of the 18,000km NSW State road network, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the handling of 200,000 calls each year reporting road, rail or ferry incidents. 

TMC acquired Holocentric software to help capture, understand, change and optimise every detail for the TMC business, and to adopt an architectural approach to the changes the TMC need to implement.

Holocentric was used for two main applications at TMC, firstly, it was used to plan and document the TMC enterprise architecture. This included the modelling of business services, business processes, information models and implemented data models. Secondly, TMC has started using the Holocentric to model and diagram best practices as recommended by the UK Cabinet Office. 

Since the implementation and use of Holocentric in TMC operations, the organisation has developed a more productive method for improving their business by taking an architectural approach to change. 

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