BMS 3.2.3

1. What's New?

The following enhancements are introduced in BMS 3.2.3:

  1. The ‘Keep me logged in’ option can now be used for Azure AD users. When this option is selected, user is not required to enter the UPN in the Modelpedia login page.

    Note: Users must enter the UPN for the very first login to Modelpedia. The only exception is when using a custom URL to sign in to Modelpedia.
  2. Users can now access Modelpedia using a custom URL that is provided by the user administrators. This custom URL will contain the individual user’s UPN and thus users will not be required to manually enter their UPN for the very first login to Modelpedia. Clicking on this URL will also result in the ‘Keep me logged in’ option being selected.
  3. Custom message can be added in the Modelpedia login page by providing the required message to Holocentric Support. This feature is available only for customers on dedicated hosted servers or on-premise servers.

2. Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved the issue where there were publishing failures caused by publishing jobs attempting to run concurrently. All queued publishing jobs will now run consecutively. (SUPPORT-9501)

BMS 3.2.2

1. What's New?

The following enhancements are introduced in BMS 3.2.2:

  1.  Improvements to action logging stability and performance. Action logging can now be configured to happen daily at a user specified time.
  2. Performance improvements in importing action logs that has resulted in increased scalability without any deterioration to user experience.
  3.  Enhancements to the algorithm for item scopes to resolve the following issues – failure of publishing job, initialization job and the manual action of changing a library state.

2.  Removed/Deprecated features

  1. Uploading of Usage History logs can no longer be configured at regular intervals by the Administrator, rather they can be configured to occur at a specific time daily.
  2. The deletion of all usage history logs using the Admin portal has been deprecated to avoid any accidental deletions that could result in a loss of usage information and trace of audit logs.

3. Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved the issue where BPD Periodic Review details were not getting populated when using a CSV import. (SUPPORT-8703)
  2. Resolved issues relating to excel import and export - where the type column was empty when exporting to Excel. (SUPPORT-9099 & SUPPORT-9187)
  3. Resolved the issue where tables are missing from a generated Process Report. (SUPPORT-9078)
  4. Resolved issue where model does not get published successfully when RMU is enabled. This happened since a failed initialization was not allowing the publishing job to be completed successfully. (SUPPORT-8949)
  5. Resolved issue where items that have names containing special characters do not get published as expected. (SUPPORT-8428)
  6. Resolved the issue where you need to select the checkbox as well as highlight the relevant Change Request when adding it to a Change Release in the Production library.
  7.  Resolved the following issues in the Promotion Impact Report from BMS 3.2.1:
    1. Diagram item relationships displayed as duplicates when the BPD is added without the diagram item/s.
    2. Item relationships appear incorrectly when deleting items.

BMS 3.2.1

1. What’s new?

In this release, there are significant improvements to the Change Management functionality as follows:

  1. Items can now be marked as deleted in the Development library (and in a Team working library) and the item deletion can be promoted to the Production Library. Deleted items are retained as hidden items in the Types view in both Production and Development libraries for traceability.
  2. Change Request status is changed from Approved to Set Aside when it is promoted to the Production library making it easier to identify the Change Requests that are promoted.
  3. Prompts to ensure users Sign Off Change Requests in the Development library so that Signed Off Change Request statuses are in sync across the Production and Development libraries.
  4. Ensuring once an item is added to a Change Request, the item cannot be edited until the Sign Off is completed on the Change Request.
  5. Promoted and Signed Off Change Requests are now hidden from the Types view in both the Development and Production libraries to reduce clutter.
  6. Change Management menu options are now made available in the Types view in Modeler.

2. Removed/Deprecated features

  1. In Change Management enabled libraries, the ‘Start New Release Cycle’ function in the Development library has been renamed to ‘Sign off Promoted Change Requests’.
  2. Check Promotion Errors’ function in the Development library has been renamed to ‘Promotion Impact Report’.
  3. Masking of the web client secret key when configuring an Azure Organization in the Modelpedia Admin portal.

3. Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved issue where un-promoted Change Requests are removed from the working layer. (SUPPORT-8217)
  2. Resolved issue where the approved date was not displayed in the Change Release report. (SUPPORT-7535)
  3. Resolved issue where certain API calls were throwing unexpected errors. (SUPPORT-9161)
  4. Resolved issue where released Change Requests were appearing in the Change Request selection list at the time of creating another Change Release. (SUPPORT-8841)
  5. Resolved issue where an item can reside in more than one current Change Request. (SUPPORT-8217)
  6. Resolved the issue where the Promotion Impact Reports was not displaying target to source relationships. (SUPPORT-8624)

4. Known issues

  1. When there are Change Requests that pre-exist from an older version of Modeler, then once those Change Requests are signed off in the Development library, they will not be hidden.
  2. When adding Change Request/s to a Change Release, you need to select both the checkbox as well as highlight the relevant Change Request that needs to be added.
  3. Items that belong to a signed off Change Requests in the Development library can be deleted but they will re-appear within the Change Request when the library is re-opened. However, this has no impact to the functionality since the item can be modified and added to a new Change Request.
  4. Incorrect details in the Promotion Impact Report as follows:
    1. Diagram item relationships are displayed as duplicates when the BPD is added without the diagram item/s.
    2. Item relationships appear incorrectly when deleting items.

      These will be resolved in a subsequent release.
  5. When an item is deleted in the library, the item is automatically renamed with ‘DEL’ added as a suffix to the original name. This name can be edited by the user in the Production library. If the item name is changed to the original name (item name before deletion), the name of the deleted item cannot be re-used in the library.  

BMS 3.2.0

Note: Use Modeler 8.1.0 with the latest patch installed.

1. What's New?

  1. Azure AD authentication in a multi-tenant server instance.
  2. Authentication support in Modelpedia for Azure AD users with Azure Multi Factor Authentication (Azure MFA) enabled. Note: This release will support Azure MFA only for authenticating in Modelpedia website.
  3. Just in time provisioning of Azure AD users in the BMS repository. Users are provisioned during the initial login to Modelpedia and after successful authentication with Azure AD.
    Note: If using Azure (without MFA) for authenticating in Modeler, a patch must be installed on Modeler version 8.1.0 build 3.
  4. Improved user experience in Modelpedia published libraries for RACI matrix.
  5. Updated notification email template.

2. Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved issue where users were unable to copy and paste a RACI matrix from the Modelpedia published website. (SUPPORT-8637)
  2. Resolved issue where an error was thrown when attempting to assign multiple users to an authorization group for a model content area or model library. (SUPPORT- 8723)
  3. Resolved the issue where users who have the special character ‘&’ in their password are shown an error when they attempt to log in. (SUPPORT-8609)

3. Behavior by Design

  1. The ‘Keep me logged in’ option is not applicable for Azure AD users. Azure AD manages passwords and valid access tokens which necessitates validation at login. 
  2. In Chrome browser settings, if Auto-fill settings and Manage passwords are turned on, the browser will not display any error message when a different user attempts to authenticate to Modelpedia publishing website. User will simply see the Modelpedia login page.

4. Known Issues

  1. External user groups (user groups available in AD) of the same Organization and a different Organization can be viewed in Modelpedia Administration Portal. This allows Azure and LDS users to be added to these external user groups.
  2. When there are AD and Azure AD accounts with the same username and passwords, user can gain API access using either one of the accounts, even if API access is granted to only one of them.
  3. In Modelpedia Administration Portal, the import users function cannot be used for disabling users.

Patch 3

  1. Resolved the issue where a user logged in session, times out after a couple of minutes. The default time for a user session is configured to 8 hours. (SUPPORT-7779)

  2. Resolved issue where guest users are prompted for login credentials when a current server session expires. (SUPPORT-8772)

  3. Resolved issue where selecting the ‘Keep me logged in’ option on the login page did not function as expected. (SUPPORT-8833)
    1. When this option is selected, user will remain logged in when user closes browser and re-opens.

    2. With this option selected, user session will end and user will need to re-enter authentication credentials if user logs out or clears browser cache and cookies.

BMS 3.1.3 (Enhancement Release)

What’s new?

  1. In this release, Modelpedia search capability is integrated with the industry standard Lucene search indexing to provide vastly improved search ranking and performance. Search now supports:
    • Result ranking improvements with each additional search term added by the user.
    • Search syntax matching across word stems.
    • Advanced functions like phrase matching, wildcards, Boolean operators and grouping in search syntaxes.
    • Performance improved by orders of magnitude.
  2. Significantly improved scalability by moving the search function to the portal application tier and thereby enabling some measure of future scale-out.

  3. Newly exposed API functionality allowing third party applications to retrieve data from Modelpedia using:
    • REST style HTTP access.
    • OData style interface and data structure.
    • Full XML schema generation support.
  4. Tested and validated support of Microsoft Edge browser for Modelpedia.

  5. Modelpedia portal and server built and shipped as 64-bit applications resulting in increasing access to local memory resources and increased scalability of the application in terms of Modelpedia website size and total number of Modelpedia users.
  6. Major performance enhancements to Modelpedia in terms of providing faster response times for individual users. There are also significant increases in the number of concurrent users that can be supported.

Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved iOS related issues. (SUPPORT-7894 & SUPPORT-7190)

  2. Resolved issue of reoccurring notifications for watched items. (SUPPORT-7575)

  3. Resolved issue where report generation fails when out of scope items are included. (SUPPORT-7648)

  4. Improved handling of duplicate relationship when data is imported into Modeler. (SUPPORT-7650)

  5. Resolved issue where navigating to the BPADs using the side panel causes Modelpedia to freeze. (SUPPORT - 7718)

  6. Increased publishing timeouts to overcome website publishing failures. (SUPPORT-7503, SUPPORT-7587, SUPPORT-7749, SUPPORT-7680, SUPPORT-8089 & SUPPORT-7771)

Known issues

  1. Horizontal view scrolling issues when using an iPhone to view published Modelpedia website.
  2. Search functionality related issues:

    • In Whole & partial word search option, user cannot search for stop words. However, there is a known issue where the stop word ‘I’ can be searched.
    • When searching for a phrase (using double quotes) that begins with a stop word, there is a known issue where no search results are displayed.
  3. When using Change Management, the Change Release report generated using the Modelpedia published website does not display the Change Request approved date. 


BMS 3.1

Note: Modelpedia 3.1 is compatible with Modeler 8.0.5 and above.

New features and enhancements

1.     New platform capability to configure APIs for published websites.

2.    Several enhancements to Modeler:

1. Allows only locally cached libraries to be taken offline and not teamwork libraries.

2. Fixed issue that did not allow checking out a repository model to a teamwork folder when the model name contained a full stop.

3. Fixed issue where the user was allowed to set itself in both ‘Can See’ and ‘Seen by’ fields within authorisation dialog resulting in an error.

3.    Several enhancements to Modelpedia :

1. Improved the presentation of all the tabs in Change History.

2. Improved the Active Directory synchronization of user groups.

3. Enhancements to superseded item email notifications.

4. Fixed issues with conflicting or outdated notifications on the same item.

5. Minor enhancements to the LDS bulk upload feature.

6. Improved horizontal scrolling in the Grid View under tabs in the main area.

7. Performance and memory improvements to large website initialization.

4.    Several general fixes :

1. Fixed error that occurred while inserting a reference in a diagram shape.  (SUPPORT-6763)

2. Resolved issue where the website initialization fails when RMU is enabled. (SUPPORT-6663) (SUPPORT-6647)

3. Addressed the issue where unclear message is displayed when loading teamwork libraries with clashes. (SUPPORT-6451)

4. Resolved issue where repository user picker did not allow selecting unique users. (SUPPORT-6511)

5. Fixed issue with publishing failure when the item name contains a symbol. (SUPPORT-6491)

6. Resolved issue where the library name was replaced by it's id upon publishing. (SUPPORT-6325)

7. Added a new property type so that an area under the truncated description can contain rich text. (SUPPORT-6178)

8. Resolved the issue where the option ‘Remove from working layer’ when in Change Management was disabled. (SUPPORT-2433)

9. Fixed issue with user specific permission. (SUPPORT-6774)

10.Fixed issue with Server User Statistics to generate daily usage statistics. (SUPPORT-6398)

Patch 2

Minor Change

Resolved the issue relating to saved passwords when Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) users log in to Modelpedia. Users who save their login details (i.e. user name and password) will now be able to log in to Modelpedia successfully in the first attempt.  (SUPPORT-7636)


BMS 3.0.5 (Enhancement Release)

Minor Changes and Enhancements

  1. Introduced LDS bulk upload and user export feature to enable the bulk creation and management of LDS user accounts. 

  2. Several minor fixes relating to the Change Management feature, including: 

    1. Fixed issue preventing signed off Change Requests from being removed from the development library when teamwork is enabled (SUPPORT 6585)

    2. Reinstated right click menu options

  3. Several enhancements to task lists, including:

    1. Introduced new "My Created" list within the task list

    2. Ensured last action is always a user action and not a system action

    3. Removed "Action" column from task lists as it contained duplicate information

    4. Change Management Task creator is now set to be the CR owner and not the System. 

  4. Several general fixes:

    1. Fixed issue preventing a teamwork administrator who did not check out the teamwork library from checking it back in (SUPPORT-6471) 

    2. Made library entry indicator and colors consistent

    3. Addressed unexpected behavior where App Config Control  unexpectedly switches type to mapped alias name (SUPPORT-6329)

    4. Addressed issue preventing old published websites from being deleted (SUPPORT-6316, SUPPORT-5956)

    5. Resolved issue that resulted in disabled admin users receiving notifications when the Modelpedia licence is expired (SUPPORT-6202)

    6. Fixed missing labels on print options (SUPPORT-6132)

    7. Improved handling of circular item scopes that previously resulted in published library website errors (SUPPORT-5959)

    8. Addressed issue where Modelpedia Contributors could grant Modelpedia Contributor or Viewer access to other users. (SUPPORT-5886)

    9. Resolved further instances which could cause Active Directory synchronization job to fail (SUPPORT-5842)

    10. Fixed Active Directory synchronization when user details contain non standard characters (SUPPORT-5996)

    11. Fixed error preventing Action Logs from being opened when they contain non standard characters (SUPPORT-5977)

    12. Resolved run time error caused by using Business Process Diagram selection tool within a Business Process Area Diagram

    13. Improved load time of notifications list

    14. Introduced unsupported browser message

Patch 18 (P2.3.4.47)

Minor changes and enhancements

  1. Addressed issues with revision markup (RMU) in both published websites and reports that caused some bold faced titles within rich text losing their styling when RMU highlights a change within the title (SUPPORT-6053, SUPPORT-6217, SUPPORT-6332) 
  2. Addressed issue with process step list causing spacing to be removed (SUPPORT-6217)

  3. Fixed issue causing an "unexpected error" message when attempting to view the process steps list tab for a business process diagram (SUPPORT-6217)

  4. Improved Change Management functions "All items for BPAD" and "All items for BPD" to include related Business Rules,embedded Images and embedded hyperlinked items within description fields. Also improved the "Check Promotion Errors" report to check for broken relationships.  (SUPPORT-5575)


Patch 16 (P2.3.4.45)

Minor Changes and Enhancements

  1. Resolved AD Sync failure due to non standard characters (SUPPORT-5996)
  2. Resolved error preventing error logs from being opened when they contain non standard characters (SUPPORT-5977)

  3. Adjusted authorisation permissions so that only users with higher permission levels may grant Model Contributor and Model Viewer access. (SUPPORT-5886)

  4. Improved handling of duplicated users when undertaking AD sync (SUPPORT-5842)

  5. Resolved issue causing Revision Mark up to erroneously mark up "External links" panel and Work Instructions when there has been no change. (SUPPORT-5643)

  6. Revised change management functions to ensure all items are included in promotion and integrity checks are more comprehensive (SUPPORT-5575)

  7. Resolved issue where publishing report may apply the wrong style to numbered lists. (SUPPORT-5195)

BMS 3.0 (Initial Release)

Please refer to the BMS 3.0 Product Release for further information. 

Major Features

Single Sign-on

Forget remembering. Simplify access and permission management by enabling users to login using their corporate login credentials. 


Shortcuts for rapid access. Create and maintain your own list of shortcuts to items for quick access through just a single click. 

Risks & Controls

Embedded controls to manage risk. Ensure risks are managed by embedding controls into operating procedures and processes. 

Process Compare

Uncover best practice. Streamline and improve processes by identifying variations to discover best practices.

Periodic Review Workflow

Remain current and compliant. Schedule periodic reviews for stakeholders to review, revise and approve your business processes. 

Change Approval Workflow

Facilitate stakeholder buy-in. Use the change approval workflow to ensure that all changes are reviewed and approved. 

Tasks & Notifications

Be informed and on top of tasks. Select items to 'watch' to receive automatic notifications when changes are made. Create tasks and send notifications to stakeholders to review, approve, provide feedback or confirm changes. 

Minor Features and Enhancements

  1. Undo on diagrams now works as expected [SUPPORT-5958]
  2. Resolved instances where hot spots were not aligned to diagram nodes [SUPPORT-5952, SUPPORT-5614]
  3. Improved controls and warning on disable teamwork option [SUPPORT-5879]
  4. Improved tasks functionality [SUPPORT-5855]
  5. Introduced Holocentric Single Sign on Capability [SUPPORT-5785]
  6. Resolved issue preventing the search box in Modelpedia from closing [SUPPORT-5680]
  7. Resolved compatibility issue with CM Update - Report links when viewed with IE11 [SUPPORT-5640]
  8. Resolved issue where copying a diagram with grouped items could break model integrity [SUPPORT-5637]
  9. Resolved issue where change history dashboard was showing the type's 'name' instead of label for deleted items [SUPPORT-5611]
  10. Process Swim Lane label now shows process role name instead of alias [SUPPORT-5594]
  11. Addressed issues that could cause Process Analysis to freeze Modeler including process step path labels now display when editing scenario conditions and improved speed to display "Show Scenarios"  in Process Diagrams.  [SUPPORT-5591]
  12. Incorporated the ability to promote Business Rules and Systems using Change Management [SUPPORT-5575, SUPPORT-5410]
  13. Improved resilience of teamwork function when used in environments that experience network interruptions [SUPPORT-5559, SUPPORT-5451]
  14. Resolved issue where Portal service is prevented from connecting to the repository, resulting in a 'licence limit exceeded' message.  [SUPPORT-5507]
  15. The Check Working Layer Items Change Management report now no longer incorrectly displays items that are contained in Change Requests which have been signed-off and are in the Production layer [SUPPORT-5440]
  16. Fixed error causing XdummyX when item is dragged and dropped into a change request [SUPPORT-5306, SUPPORT-4651]
  17. Introduced the ability to create a hyperlink to the latest "Draft" published website [SUPPORT-5296, SUPPORT-4722]
  18. Diagrams will now display in organisation function views even when it is not the first tab page [SUPPORT-5276]
  19. Improved Modelpedia's ability to initialise websites with a large number of items [SUPPORT-5209]
  20. Publishing report ordered list styles are now consistent with paragraph styles [SUPPORT-5195]
  21. Resolved issue causing diagrams to resize incorrectly on refresh [SUPPORT-5189]
  22. Users are now prevented from enabling tools in read only diagrams by expanding and collapsing the shapes palette   [SUPPORT-5016]
  23. Resolved issue causing overridden data sources within report views to revert back [SUPPORT-5009]
  24. Clicking the diagram preview in a diagram lightbox now consistently opens the diagram [SUPPORT-4927, SUPPORT-4681]
  25. Resolved occurrence of run time error when using Find/Replace in Modeler. [SUPPORT-4844]
  26. Resolved 'object not found' errors when two users change the same authorisation [SUPPORT-4831, SUPPORT-4830]
  27. User-defined child relationships in Modelpedia tree content are now sorted [SUPPORT-4821]
  28. Lightbox with Grid Controls now display generated Data Source content [SUPPORT-4820]
  29. Resolved instance where read only controls may appear as editable [SUPPORT-4810]
  30. Newly created'person' items are now always categorised within the type view [SUPPORT-4727]
  31. Modeler has been made responsive when indexing libraries on first load. [SUPPORT-4617]

Patch 1 (D7.3.5, S7.3.4.6)

Minor Features and Enhancements

  1. The Change Management reports All Items Related To BPAD and All Items Related To BPD now include items that are hyperlinked to in rich text fields and images embedded in rich text field (SUPPORT-5575)

  2. The Check Working Layer Items Change Management report displays items that are contained in Change Requests which have been signed-off and are in the Production layer (SUPPORT-5440)

  3. Added Check Promotion Errors Change Management report (SUPPORT-3964)

  4. Change Management Check Promotion Errors report links open when using Internet Explorer 11 (SUPPORT-5640)


Patch 7 (D7.5.2, S7.5.2.4)

Minor Changes and Enhancements

  1. The Change Management reports All Items Related To BPAD and All Items Related To BPD now include items that are hyperlinked to in rich text fields and images embedded in rich text field (SUPPORT-5575)
  2. The Check Working Layer Items Change Management report displays items that are contained in Change Requests which have been signed-off and are in the Production layer (SUPPORT-5440)
  3. Added Check Promotion Errors Change Management report (SUPPORT-3964)
  4. Change Management Check Promotion Errors report links open when using Internet Explorer 11 (SUPPORT-5640)
  5. Greatly improved the speed of showing Path Analysis paths and scenarios in large models (SUPPORT-5591)
  6. Diagrams remain flagged as unchanged when showing Path Analysis paths and scenarios (SUPPORT-5591)

Patch 15 (P2.3.4.39)

Minor Changes and Enhancements

  1. Modelpedia handles the synchronisation of duplicate users when Active Directory users have been deleted and renamed (SUPPORT-5545)
  2. Modelpedia synchronises Active Directory users successfully in a multi-domain environment when identical group names exist in several synchronised domains (SUPPORT-5546)