Patch 16 (P2.3.4.45)

Minor Changes and Enhancements

  1. Resolved AD Sync failure due to non standard characters (SUPPORT-5996)
  2. Resolved error preventing error logs from being opened when they contain non standard characters (SUPPORT-5977)

  3. Adjusted authorisation permissions so that only users with higher permission levels may grant Model Contributor and Model Viewer access. (SUPPORT-5886)

  4. Improved handling of duplicated users when undertaking AD sync (SUPPORT-5842)

  5. Resolved issue causing Revision Mark up to erroneously mark up "External links" panel and Work Instructions when there has been no change. (SUPPORT-5643)

  6. Revised change management functions to ensure all items are included in promotion and integrity checks are more comprehensive (SUPPORT-5575)

  7. Resolved issue where publishing report may apply the wrong style to numbered lists. (SUPPORT-5195)