Patch 13 (P2.3.4.37)

Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  1. Users can update existing authorisations, provided that they have the authorisations applicable to perform the update (SUPPORT-4830)
  2. Modelpedia records more specific and meaningful messages to the Event Log if errors occur (SUPPORT-5134)
  3. The Database Clean function in the Modelpedia Administration Portal removes all deleted libraries, deleted libraries history and deleted published libraries (SUPPORT-4990, SUPPORT-5072)
  4. The Modelpedia Clean function does not require a version and will always work on the latest model version. More meaningful messages are also provided (SUPPORT-4990, SUPPORT-5072)
  5. Improved Modelpedia server memory usage and handling (SUPPORT-4921)
  6. Moving content areas into other content areas results in the content area appearing only in the target location
  7. Improved Modelpedia locking and concurrency functions


  1. While the database clean-up operation removes unneeded data from the database, the database’s actual size on the disk will not decrease until a shrink operation is performed on the database in question. This must be executed on the database directly by the database administrator
  2. Directory synchronisation results are not displayed on the synchronisation screen, but instead are shown in the Logs tab
  3. Results of the Clean function are shown in the Logs tab


There are no new compatibility notes in this release. Please refer to the Holocentric website for a complete listing.

Known Issues, Warnings and Limitations

  1. It is not possible to undo database clean-ups. It is recommended that backups be made before commencing, so that the database can be replaced by the backup should a reversion be desired
  2. A database clean-up job cannot run concurrently with any other type of queued job. Clean-up jobs will wait until there are no other jobs running before beginning, and no other jobs will begin while the clean-up job is in progress
  3. Clean-up jobs are resource intensive and may cause performance issues on the Modelpedia server while they are running. It is recommended that clean-up operations be conducted outside of peak usage hours
  4. There is a small chance that model check-ins may fail while a clean-up job is running. It is recommended that clean-up operations be conducted outside of peak usage hour