BMS 3.0 (Initial Release)

Please refer to the BMS 3.0 Product Release for further information. 

Major Features

Single Sign-on

Forget remembering. Simplify access and permission management by enabling users to login using their corporate login credentials. 


Shortcuts for rapid access. Create and maintain your own list of shortcuts to items for quick access through just a single click. 

Risks & Controls

Embedded controls to manage risk. Ensure risks are managed by embedding controls into operating procedures and processes. 

Process Compare

Uncover best practice. Streamline and improve processes by identifying variations to discover best practices.

Periodic Review Workflow

Remain current and compliant. Schedule periodic reviews for stakeholders to review, revise and approve your business processes. 

Change Approval Workflow

Facilitate stakeholder buy-in. Use the change approval workflow to ensure that all changes are reviewed and approved. 

Tasks & Notifications

Be informed and on top of tasks. Select items to 'watch' to receive automatic notifications when changes are made. Create tasks and send notifications to stakeholders to review, approve, provide feedback or confirm changes. 

Minor Features and Enhancements

  1. Undo on diagrams now works as expected [SUPPORT-5958]
  2. Resolved instances where hot spots were not aligned to diagram nodes [SUPPORT-5952, SUPPORT-5614]
  3. Improved controls and warning on disable teamwork option [SUPPORT-5879]
  4. Improved tasks functionality [SUPPORT-5855]
  5. Introduced Holocentric Single Sign on Capability [SUPPORT-5785]
  6. Resolved issue preventing the search box in Modelpedia from closing [SUPPORT-5680]
  7. Resolved compatibility issue with CM Update - Report links when viewed with IE11 [SUPPORT-5640]
  8. Resolved issue where copying a diagram with grouped items could break model integrity [SUPPORT-5637]
  9. Resolved issue where change history dashboard was showing the type's 'name' instead of label for deleted items [SUPPORT-5611]
  10. Process Swim Lane label now shows process role name instead of alias [SUPPORT-5594]
  11. Addressed issues that could cause Process Analysis to freeze Modeler including process step path labels now display when editing scenario conditions and improved speed to display "Show Scenarios"  in Process Diagrams.  [SUPPORT-5591]
  12. Incorporated the ability to promote Business Rules and Systems using Change Management [SUPPORT-5575, SUPPORT-5410]
  13. Improved resilience of teamwork function when used in environments that experience network interruptions [SUPPORT-5559, SUPPORT-5451]
  14. Resolved issue where Portal service is prevented from connecting to the repository, resulting in a 'licence limit exceeded' message.  [SUPPORT-5507]
  15. The Check Working Layer Items Change Management report now no longer incorrectly displays items that are contained in Change Requests which have been signed-off and are in the Production layer [SUPPORT-5440]
  16. Fixed error causing XdummyX when item is dragged and dropped into a change request [SUPPORT-5306, SUPPORT-4651]
  17. Introduced the ability to create a hyperlink to the latest "Draft" published website [SUPPORT-5296, SUPPORT-4722]
  18. Diagrams will now display in organisation function views even when it is not the first tab page [SUPPORT-5276]
  19. Improved Modelpedia's ability to initialise websites with a large number of items [SUPPORT-5209]
  20. Publishing report ordered list styles are now consistent with paragraph styles [SUPPORT-5195]
  21. Resolved issue causing diagrams to resize incorrectly on refresh [SUPPORT-5189]
  22. Users are now prevented from enabling tools in read only diagrams by expanding and collapsing the shapes palette   [SUPPORT-5016]
  23. Resolved issue causing overridden data sources within report views to revert back [SUPPORT-5009]
  24. Clicking the diagram preview in a diagram lightbox now consistently opens the diagram [SUPPORT-4927, SUPPORT-4681]
  25. Resolved occurrence of run time error when using Find/Replace in Modeler. [SUPPORT-4844]
  26. Resolved 'object not found' errors when two users change the same authorisation [SUPPORT-4831, SUPPORT-4830]
  27. User-defined child relationships in Modelpedia tree content are now sorted [SUPPORT-4821]
  28. Lightbox with Grid Controls now display generated Data Source content [SUPPORT-4820]
  29. Resolved instance where read only controls may appear as editable [SUPPORT-4810]
  30. Newly created'person' items are now always categorised within the type view [SUPPORT-4727]
  31. Modeler has been made responsive when indexing libraries on first load. [SUPPORT-4617]