Patch 18 (P2.3.4.47)

Minor changes and enhancements

  1. Addressed issues with revision markup (RMU) in both published websites and reports that caused some bold faced titles within rich text losing their styling when RMU highlights a change within the title (SUPPORT-6053, SUPPORT-6217, SUPPORT-6332) 
  2. Addressed issue with process step list causing spacing to be removed (SUPPORT-6217)

  3. Fixed issue causing an "unexpected error" message when attempting to view the process steps list tab for a business process diagram (SUPPORT-6217)

  4. Improved Change Management functions "All items for BPAD" and "All items for BPD" to include related Business Rules,embedded Images and embedded hyperlinked items within description fields. Also improved the "Check Promotion Errors" report to check for broken relationships.  (SUPPORT-5575)