BMS 3.0.5 (Enhancement Release)

Minor Changes and Enhancements

  1. Introduced LDS bulk upload and user export feature to enable the bulk creation and management of LDS user accounts. 

  2. Several minor fixes relating to the Change Management feature, including: 

    1. Fixed issue preventing signed off Change Requests from being removed from the development library when teamwork is enabled (SUPPORT 6585)

    2. Reinstated right click menu options

  3. Several enhancements to task lists, including:

    1. Introduced new "My Created" list within the task list

    2. Ensured last action is always a user action and not a system action

    3. Removed "Action" column from task lists as it contained duplicate information

    4. Change Management Task creator is now set to be the CR owner and not the System. 

  4. Several general fixes:

    1. Fixed issue preventing a teamwork administrator who did not check out the teamwork library from checking it back in (SUPPORT-6471) 

    2. Made library entry indicator and colors consistent

    3. Addressed unexpected behavior where App Config Control  unexpectedly switches type to mapped alias name (SUPPORT-6329)

    4. Addressed issue preventing old published websites from being deleted (SUPPORT-6316, SUPPORT-5956)

    5. Resolved issue that resulted in disabled admin users receiving notifications when the Modelpedia licence is expired (SUPPORT-6202)

    6. Fixed missing labels on print options (SUPPORT-6132)

    7. Improved handling of circular item scopes that previously resulted in published library website errors (SUPPORT-5959)

    8. Addressed issue where Modelpedia Contributors could grant Modelpedia Contributor or Viewer access to other users. (SUPPORT-5886)

    9. Resolved further instances which could cause Active Directory synchronization job to fail (SUPPORT-5842)

    10. Fixed Active Directory synchronization when user details contain non standard characters (SUPPORT-5996)

    11. Fixed error preventing Action Logs from being opened when they contain non standard characters (SUPPORT-5977)

    12. Resolved run time error caused by using Business Process Diagram selection tool within a Business Process Area Diagram

    13. Improved load time of notifications list

    14. Introduced unsupported browser message