BMS 3.1

Note: Modelpedia 3.1 is compatible with Modeler 8.0.5 and above.

New features and enhancements

1.     New platform capability to configure APIs for published websites.

2.    Several enhancements to Modeler:

1. Allows only locally cached libraries to be taken offline and not teamwork libraries.

2. Fixed issue that did not allow checking out a repository model to a teamwork folder when the model name contained a full stop.

3. Fixed issue where the user was allowed to set itself in both ‘Can See’ and ‘Seen by’ fields within authorisation dialog resulting in an error.

3.    Several enhancements to Modelpedia :

1. Improved the presentation of all the tabs in Change History.

2. Improved the Active Directory synchronization of user groups.

3. Enhancements to superseded item email notifications.

4. Fixed issues with conflicting or outdated notifications on the same item.

5. Minor enhancements to the LDS bulk upload feature.

6. Improved horizontal scrolling in the Grid View under tabs in the main area.

7. Performance and memory improvements to large website initialization.

4.    Several general fixes :

1. Fixed error that occurred while inserting a reference in a diagram shape.  (SUPPORT-6763)

2. Resolved issue where the website initialization fails when RMU is enabled. (SUPPORT-6663) (SUPPORT-6647)

3. Addressed the issue where unclear message is displayed when loading teamwork libraries with clashes. (SUPPORT-6451)

4. Resolved issue where repository user picker did not allow selecting unique users. (SUPPORT-6511)

5. Fixed issue with publishing failure when the item name contains a symbol. (SUPPORT-6491)

6. Resolved issue where the library name was replaced by it's id upon publishing. (SUPPORT-6325)

7. Added a new property type so that an area under the truncated description can contain rich text. (SUPPORT-6178)

8. Resolved the issue where the option ‘Remove from working layer’ when in Change Management was disabled. (SUPPORT-2433)

9. Fixed issue with user specific permission. (SUPPORT-6774)

10.Fixed issue with Server User Statistics to generate daily usage statistics. (SUPPORT-6398)