BMS 3.2.0

Note: Use Modeler 8.1.0 with the latest patch installed.

1. What's New?

  1. Azure AD authentication in a multi-tenant server instance.
  2. Authentication support in Modelpedia for Azure AD users with Azure Multi Factor Authentication (Azure MFA) enabled. Note: This release will support Azure MFA only for authenticating in Modelpedia website.
  3. Just in time provisioning of Azure AD users in the BMS repository. Users are provisioned during the initial login to Modelpedia and after successful authentication with Azure AD.
    Note: If using Azure (without MFA) for authenticating in Modeler, a patch must be installed on Modeler version 8.1.0 build 3.
  4. Improved user experience in Modelpedia published libraries for RACI matrix.
  5. Updated notification email template.

2. Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved issue where users were unable to copy and paste a RACI matrix from the Modelpedia published website. (SUPPORT-8637)
  2. Resolved issue where an error was thrown when attempting to assign multiple users to an authorization group for a model content area or model library. (SUPPORT- 8723)
  3. Resolved the issue where users who have the special character ‘&’ in their password are shown an error when they attempt to log in. (SUPPORT-8609)

3. Behavior by Design

  1. The ‘Keep me logged in’ option is not applicable for Azure AD users. Azure AD manages passwords and valid access tokens which necessitates validation at login. 
  2. In Chrome browser settings, if Auto-fill settings and Manage passwords are turned on, the browser will not display any error message when a different user attempts to authenticate to Modelpedia publishing website. User will simply see the Modelpedia login page.

4. Known Issues

  1. External user groups (user groups available in AD) of the same Organization and a different Organization can be viewed in Modelpedia Administration Portal. This allows Azure and LDS users to be added to these external user groups.
  2. When there are AD and Azure AD accounts with the same username and passwords, user can gain API access using either one of the accounts, even if API access is granted to only one of them.
  3. In Modelpedia Administration Portal, the import users function cannot be used for disabling users.