BMS 3.1.3 (Enhancement Release)

What’s new?

  1. In this release, Modelpedia search capability is integrated with the industry standard Lucene search indexing to provide vastly improved search ranking and performance. Search now supports:
    • Result ranking improvements with each additional search term added by the user.
    • Search syntax matching across word stems.
    • Advanced functions like phrase matching, wildcards, Boolean operators and grouping in search syntaxes.
    • Performance improved by orders of magnitude.
  2. Significantly improved scalability by moving the search function to the portal application tier and thereby enabling some measure of future scale-out.

  3. Newly exposed API functionality allowing third party applications to retrieve data from Modelpedia using:
    • REST style HTTP access.
    • OData style interface and data structure.
    • Full XML schema generation support.
  4. Tested and validated support of Microsoft Edge browser for Modelpedia.

  5. Modelpedia portal and server built and shipped as 64-bit applications resulting in increasing access to local memory resources and increased scalability of the application in terms of Modelpedia website size and total number of Modelpedia users.
  6. Major performance enhancements to Modelpedia in terms of providing faster response times for individual users. There are also significant increases in the number of concurrent users that can be supported.

Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved iOS related issues. (SUPPORT-7894 & SUPPORT-7190)

  2. Resolved issue of reoccurring notifications for watched items. (SUPPORT-7575)

  3. Resolved issue where report generation fails when out of scope items are included. (SUPPORT-7648)

  4. Improved handling of duplicate relationship when data is imported into Modeler. (SUPPORT-7650)

  5. Resolved issue where navigating to the BPADs using the side panel causes Modelpedia to freeze. (SUPPORT - 7718)

  6. Increased publishing timeouts to overcome website publishing failures. (SUPPORT-7503, SUPPORT-7587, SUPPORT-7749, SUPPORT-7680, SUPPORT-8089 & SUPPORT-7771)

Known issues

  1. Horizontal view scrolling issues when using an iPhone to view published Modelpedia website.
  2. Search functionality related issues:

    • In Whole & partial word search option, user cannot search for stop words. However, there is a known issue where the stop word ‘I’ can be searched.
    • When searching for a phrase (using double quotes) that begins with a stop word, there is a known issue where no search results are displayed.
  3. When using Change Management, the Change Release report generated using the Modelpedia published website does not display the Change Request approved date.