BMS 3.2.1

1. What’s new?

In this release, there are significant improvements to the Change Management functionality as follows:

  1. Items can now be marked as deleted in the Development library (and in a Team working library) and the item deletion can be promoted to the Production Library. Deleted items are retained as hidden items in the Types view in both Production and Development libraries for traceability.
  2. Change Request status is changed from Approved to Set Aside when it is promoted to the Production library making it easier to identify the Change Requests that are promoted.
  3. Prompts to ensure users Sign Off Change Requests in the Development library so that Signed Off Change Request statuses are in sync across the Production and Development libraries.
  4. Ensuring once an item is added to a Change Request, the item cannot be edited until the Sign Off is completed on the Change Request.
  5. Promoted and Signed Off Change Requests are now hidden from the Types view in both the Development and Production libraries to reduce clutter.
  6. Change Management menu options are now made available in the Types view in Modeler.

2. Removed/Deprecated features

  1. In Change Management enabled libraries, the ‘Start New Release Cycle’ function in the Development library has been renamed to ‘Sign off Promoted Change Requests’.
  2. Check Promotion Errors’ function in the Development library has been renamed to ‘Promotion Impact Report’.
  3. Masking of the web client secret key when configuring an Azure Organization in the Modelpedia Admin portal.

3. Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved issue where un-promoted Change Requests are removed from the working layer. (SUPPORT-8217)
  2. Resolved issue where the approved date was not displayed in the Change Release report. (SUPPORT-7535)
  3. Resolved issue where certain API calls were throwing unexpected errors. (SUPPORT-9161)
  4. Resolved issue where released Change Requests were appearing in the Change Request selection list at the time of creating another Change Release. (SUPPORT-8841)
  5. Resolved issue where an item can reside in more than one current Change Request. (SUPPORT-8217)
  6. Resolved the issue where the Promotion Impact Reports was not displaying target to source relationships. (SUPPORT-8624)

4. Known issues

  1. When there are Change Requests that pre-exist from an older version of Modeler, then once those Change Requests are signed off in the Development library, they will not be hidden.
  2. When adding Change Request/s to a Change Release, you need to select both the checkbox as well as highlight the relevant Change Request that needs to be added.
  3. Items that belong to a signed off Change Requests in the Development library can be deleted but they will re-appear within the Change Request when the library is re-opened. However, this has no impact to the functionality since the item can be modified and added to a new Change Request.
  4. Incorrect details in the Promotion Impact Report as follows:
    1. Diagram item relationships are displayed as duplicates when the BPD is added without the diagram item/s.
    2. Item relationships appear incorrectly when deleting items.

      These will be resolved in a subsequent release.
  5. When an item is deleted in the library, the item is automatically renamed with ‘DEL’ added as a suffix to the original name. This name can be edited by the user in the Production library. If the item name is changed to the original name (item name before deletion), the name of the deleted item cannot be re-used in the library.