BMS 3.2.2

1. What's New?

The following enhancements are introduced in BMS 3.2.2:

  1.  Improvements to action logging stability and performance. Action logging can now be configured to happen daily at a user specified time.
  2. Performance improvements in importing action logs that has resulted in increased scalability without any deterioration to user experience.
  3.  Enhancements to the algorithm for item scopes to resolve the following issues – failure of publishing job, initialization job and the manual action of changing a library state.

2.  Removed/Deprecated features

  1. Uploading of Usage History logs can no longer be configured at regular intervals by the Administrator, rather they can be configured to occur at a specific time daily.
  2. The deletion of all usage history logs using the Admin portal has been deprecated to avoid any accidental deletions that could result in a loss of usage information and trace of audit logs.

3. Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved the issue where BPD Periodic Review details were not getting populated when using a CSV import. (SUPPORT-8703)
  2. Resolved issues relating to excel import and export - where the type column was empty when exporting to Excel. (SUPPORT-9099 & SUPPORT-9187)
  3. Resolved the issue where tables are missing from a generated Process Report. (SUPPORT-9078)
  4. Resolved issue where model does not get published successfully when RMU is enabled. This happened since a failed initialization was not allowing the publishing job to be completed successfully. (SUPPORT-8949)
  5. Resolved issue where items that have names containing special characters do not get published as expected. (SUPPORT-8428)
  6. Resolved the issue where you need to select the checkbox as well as highlight the relevant Change Request when adding it to a Change Release in the Production library.
  7.  Resolved the following issues in the Promotion Impact Report from BMS 3.2.1:
    1. Diagram item relationships displayed as duplicates when the BPD is added without the diagram item/s.
    2. Item relationships appear incorrectly when deleting items.