BMS 3.2.3

1. What's New?

The following enhancements are introduced in BMS 3.2.3:

  1. The ‘Keep me logged in’ option can now be used for Azure AD users. When this option is selected, user is not required to enter the UPN in the Modelpedia login page.

    Note: Users must enter the UPN for the very first login to Modelpedia. The only exception is when using a custom URL to sign in to Modelpedia.
  2. Users can now access Modelpedia using a custom URL that is provided by the user administrators. This custom URL will contain the individual user’s UPN and thus users will not be required to manually enter their UPN for the very first login to Modelpedia. Clicking on this URL will also result in the ‘Keep me logged in’ option being selected.
  3. Custom message can be added in the Modelpedia login page by providing the required message to Holocentric Support. This feature is available only for customers on dedicated hosted servers or on-premise servers.

2. Fixed Issues

  1. Resolved the issue where there were publishing failures caused by publishing jobs attempting to run concurrently. All queued publishing jobs will now run consecutively. (SUPPORT-9501)