Understanding is Power

The Holocentric BMS enables you to map, understand and improve your business. Modelling your business delivers greater understanding. And understanding is power; the power to identify inefficiency, the power to identify opportunities and the power to harness change.

you are the performance improvement expert

Holocentric knows that it is the people who do the job that have the best ideas on how to improve it. In fact, more than 80% of improvement suggestions originate at an operational level in "the field" and are crucial to successful continuous improvement implementations.

Your employees need to be empowered to proactively capture and share improvement initiatives as a natural part of day-to-day operations.


You can't improve your business processes if you don't understand them. Business process mapping is the first step towards business process improvement. The BMS also delivers many other benefits including:

  • The ability to run what if analysis and scenario modeling to model the impact of proposed improvements and reduce risk
  • Improved collaboration and information sharing between diverse work groups
  • Sophisticated analysis of problem areas and identification of changes that can be quickly implemented for immediate ROI
  • Documentation of internal and external business processes in an easily understood and visual format
  • Cost reductions from more effective resource allocation
  • Reduced risk through and greater traceability provided across the whole enterprise so changes can be implemented with greater confidence