We are here to help organizations improve performance. 

We recognize that to improve performance, organisations must understand how people, process and technology come together to satisfy client needs, meet regulatory obligations and achieve business outcomes. 

To implement and sustain change, organisations must not only define it, they must embed the change into the DNA of the organisation, so that it is fully implemented and effective.

The DNA of an organisation makes it unique. It defines what you do and why you do it, aligning strategy to execution to help people achieve.

People need to be empowered and engaged to be effective, with a natural thirst for knowledge and high performance. 

We appreciate different perspectives. The world isn't flat, yet without collaboration and communication, one individual can only see as far as their own horizon. 


Holocentric values

Our culture of innovation and improvement is driven by four key values:

  1. Be better: We build solutions to give our clients a competitive edge. We continuously strive for innovation to ensure that we support our clients' growth with better solutions and new ways of working.

  2. Live it: We live and breathe our products. We believe in the power of having a living reference model and we strive to help others realize the opportunities and benefits.

  3. It is personal: We treat your employees as people, not numbers. We understand that no brain is the same. That's why we develop and tailor our solutions to suit your organisation.

  4. Own it: We aren't afraid to take responsibility for our actions; in fact we are proud of them. This Holocentric attitude encourages each employee to strive for excellence and pursue their daily tasks with passion.


Powered by Strong Relationships

Derek & Bruce 1996

Derek & Bruce 1996

The strong relationship between Bruce Nixon (CEO) and Derek Renouf (CTO) formed many years ago laid the foundation for Holocentric's values, beliefs and philosophy. 

Our values, beliefs and philosophy form an integral part of how we select our employees, develop our solutions and go about our daily operations. 

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