Product Trial Tutorials

The following tutorials have been designed to guide you through your journey with the BMS. Navigating your way around the BMS may seem a little tricky, but these tutorials will turn you into an expert in no time! 


Tutorial 1: Model a Business Process 

Step 1: Connect to the BMS Server (Modelpedia)

Step 2: Create your new library

Step 3: Mode your first Business Process Diagram

Step 4: Save & Check in your Library


Tutorial 2: Model a Business Process Hierarchy 

Step 1: Check out and open your library 

Step 2: Model a Business Process Area Diagram (BPAD)

Step 3: Create a Personalised Role View

Step 4: Save, Check & Publish your library


Tutorial 3: turn processes into sops

Step 1: Check out your library

Step 2: Add Warnings, Cautions and Notes

Step 3: Model which System Supports a Process Step

Step 4: Create a Work Instruction for a Process Step

Step 5: Model a Policy that Governs Business Process Area Diagram or Business Process Diagram

Step 6: Publish your library


tutorial 4: business process improvement 

Step 1: Introduction to Process Analysis User Guide


If you have any questions regarding your trial, contact your assigned Holocentric guru,

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