Is Quality & Compliance an Afterthought?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Quality, Compliance and Risk Management are often considered the responsibility of dedicated teams that sit alongside operational teams. Often playing an 'oversight' function, these teams impose restrictions and mandate the incorporation of additional checks and controls which seem out of place or add little value.

If this sounds like your organisation, then consider a world where operational teams work together with quality and compliance teams to design and embed quality, compliance and risk management into their operational activities.  A world where quality, compliance and risk management are intrinsic to the DNA of your business.

Embed Quality & Compliance into Operations

Holocentric builds quality and compliance into operational business processes.


At an operational level, quality and compliance need to be implemented in the context of operations and in way that is agile enough to move with business transformation or continuous improvement initiatives.

The BMS builds quality into day to day operational processes, by providing:

  • Organisation wide visibility of risks and controls across complex interrelated processes
  • The tools to assess the impact of quality controls and compliance on operational effectiveness
  • The ability to simulate change in a fast and consistent way
  • The means to update standard operating procedures, policies and controls once, and rapidly disseminate them across the entire organisation.