With Holocentric Sales Partner Program you have two types of partnerships you can choose from so you can find the program that's right for you. 

  • Become a referral partner, and you'll earn commission on Holocentric's sales software when you refer good-fit clients.
  • Become a solutions partner, and you'll build a line of sales consulting services tied to Holocentric’s sales software.

Your advantages as a Sales Partner

As an Ascom Sales Partner you gain access to different Ascom programs and support. The level of support depends on various factors such as your volume commitments, and the extent to which Ascom solutions are integrated into your offering.

All Holocentric Sales Partners benefit from all the online, technical and professional back-up you need to ensure smooth and successful deployments of Holocentric solutions.

Benefits include:  

  • Optional commissions and/or related service revenue
  • Comprehensive training offers
  • Commercial and sales training
  • Technical support and helpdesk
  • Pre-sales support and on-site training
  • Marketing support and training support

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