Conformance and Compliance

Imagine being able to operate efficiently, meet compliance obligations and deliver great customer service.

How do you view compliance?

To many people, this is simply having the standards in place to pass the audit. Tick the boxes for safety, health, environmental, quality, people treatment or other.

We believe that compliance is now a mission-critical operational issue. Well defined policies and processes, implemented correctly, deliver better outcomes for employees, communities and businesses world-wide.

The Holocentric compliance solution helps you to:

Do the right thing

Do things in the correct manner and ensure that any breaches are quickly rectified.

Improve customer experience

Organizations can reduce delays, improve customer satisfaction and streamline processes.

Be cost effective

If you cannot afford to do it right, how can you afford to do it twice? Re-work is expensive.

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With the right processes, appropriate training and monitoring of performance, it is most likely that work will be completed properly. This reduces re-work, increases efficiency and delivers a far greater customer experience.

From our experience the common approach to applying standards is to focus on the definition of standards. Rather than ensuring that people are aware of their personal obligations, ensure that they are kept up-to-date and that they are being applied consistently. Some of the key attributes relating to compliance standards:

•       Have appropriate policies and processes been defined?

•       Are staff aware of obligations and are they kept up to date with any changes?

•       Do they consistently perform in a compliant manner?

Conformance is about behaviour and your internal standards. Compliance is external standards and conformance internal.

There is a substantial cost to not complying for your brand, reputation and financially.

Read here about the Cost of Non-Compliance.

What is your biggest challenge?

Customer Experience

37% of people would change supplier after just one negative experience. Poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion a year.

Complicated processes cause delays and customer churn and stress

  • Streamline processes based on actual data points
  • Discover inefficiencies and reduce rework
  • Simulate improvements before implementing them

Doing more with less

Compliance is not a one time event. Consistent, repeatable, shareable processes save 20% in time and effort.

Understand where inefficiencies are

  • Take control of your costs
  • Create repeatable proceses

Maintain Compliance

Middle managers and senior executives chalk up to 20% (8.9 hours) of the working week complying with rules and compliance. Others spend 6.4 hours

Avoid disruption caused by compliance failures

  • Reduce impact of audit costs
  • Save time meeting quality and safety obligations
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Read what Gartner has to say about Holocentric's Digital Twin solution:

Holocentric named as a Representative Vendor in the Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO, 12 July 2018

"A DTO is an outside-in view of your internal operations, a dynamic software model of your organization that uses operational data, models the business and the customer journey, responds to change and creates a digital picture of your people, processes and technology."
- Marc Kerremans, Gartner, 2018
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