Harness the power of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs can be used as a powerful business tool to help drive productivity, manage costs and ensure compliance. For this to happen, SOPs need to be accessible to all employees, kept up-to-date and consistent across the entire organisation. By using a modelling approach combined with a central repository or BMS, SOPs can be made more useable and relevant to your workforce.

SOPs embody best, most compliant practice. Yet, very few organisations can attest that they consistently follow SOPs. This is due to various reasons including:

  • The right SOPs cannot be located.
  • Not knowing that an SOP exists.
  • The SOPs are not accurate and up-to-date.
  • SOPs are not presented in the context of the job.

A different approach

Holocentric provides a different approach to structuring SOPs. Our BMS provides a single and integrated source of information yet publishes this same information in different forms (eg. Online, Reports, Diagrams, Lists, Tables) and views to suit different audiences and perspectives (eg. Operations, Compliance, IT). 

The Holocentric approach creates SOPs by building and maintaining an operating model of the business. The model includes the processes, procedures, use of systems and compliance obligations. This then provides a single source of truth where every process, procedure and work instruction is maintained as a separate item and is defined once and once only.

This model allows SOPs to be generated in the most appropriate and unique form for the individual employee. The model enables on-screen navigation via an intranet or through conventional controlled documents that can be read on-screen or printed.