Reduce the complexity of upgrades

The software and application landscape of business operations is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to maintain. Software systems are frequently due for upgrades and evaluation. The better organised your application landscape is, the more time you will save during upgrades.

The Holocentric BMS offers a unique solution that combines your infrastructure, data and services to ensure that your system upgrades occur more seamlessly.

The BMS advantage

Successful implementation of sap

The two major determinants of success in SAP implementations are how well you integrate SAP with your people and processes, and how well those changes are accepted by those who must change.

The Holocentric BMS allows your organisation to build a map of how its people, processes and SAP interact. This becomes a powerful asset for helping you make the most of SAP and the new features available. 

Reuse, re-factor or rewrite

You can use the Holocentric BMS to help you make decisions about each application's future. Holocentric BMS can help determine:

  • To what degree current systems serve current interests
  • How to integrate system upgrades and new technologies
  • Whether an application upgrade will support your evolving business
  • The cost of rewriting or porting the system to a new technology